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Engine repair

We will find the issue with your engine and repair it on the same day if it is that possible. 

In some cases you will need to wait for a couple of days in order for us to find the problem and also spare parts. You get a completely fixed, ready and new car, period.

Car maintenance

In order to work properly, your car must be ibn perfect condition all the time. Car maintenance is regular.

In this case scenario we will make sure you get the best service. We will make sure your car gets new oil, new filters, regular inspection and all the rest needed.


If needed and in some cases is, your car engine or gearbox are so worn out that they need a complete rebuilt. We can do this as well.

The process is complicated and it can last up to a couple of days. We will need to disassembly the engine, change the work parts and assembly it again.


Yes we work on all cars you can possibly have or the ones you may have bought in the past. We cover all of them, period.

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